Hi! I’m Crystal.

I have lived on the plains of Oklahoma my whole life. In fact, I was 8 years old before I realized that not all dirt was red! I grew up with buffalo and wheat fields, tumble weeds and tornados. I live in a house divided that bleeds crimson and burnt orange on game days. I say “ya’ll” , and like the red dirt, I just assumed it was like that everywhere else.

See those people over to the right? Those faces are the reason I take every breath I take. They are my heart and passion.  That handsome man is Virgil, my husband and best friend. Together we raise 4 of the most amazing humans I know. They truly make me a better person and you cant get to know who I really am without knowing the people who make me who I am.

I taught school for many years until God blessed us with our sweet twins. I had planned on going back when they started kindergarten, but life took me on a different adventure.

I now get to travel and speak about my greatest passions in life. I have a few.

Im passionate about people. The broken, the least, the mom in the minivan behind me in the drive through. I just love people. More than anything, I want people to know about the God who loves them.

I’m passionate about Jesus. I know that my love of people comes from His love for me. I was the broken, the least, the mom in the minivan behind you with heartache and hurts so great in my life that I never shared them with anyone. THEN, Jesus. He changed everything. Now, I go into strip clubs and under bridges with the homeless to share a simple message. Jesus loves us. ALL of us.

I’m passionate about a story. A story of a girl abused and abandoned who lived life believing that Jesus would never love her. Then, in 2009 she would die in a hospital room at the age of 33…and wake up in Heaven. During the moments that the doctors worked frantically to revive her, she would walk with angels and in the presence of the Lord towards the gates of Heaven. It would be at those gates where God would heal her from the inside out and then send her back with a simple but profound message. Its a story that changed my life because its my story.

So, this is me. I am the “what you see is what you get” kinda girl. I talk a lot, I give big hugs, I laugh at the most inappropriate times.  I’m not fancy and I don’t speak in big amazing words. I’m just me and for the first time in my life…that’s OK.